There is hardly ever an excuse or not playing on good terrain; like model railways, it is an essential part of our hobby. Some of us though are just not good at creating it, so Paul McDonagh has set up a business to help us out.

He has sent a real eye-candy catalogue of his work, packed with colour photographs of his buildings, fences and foliage, tree dotted hilltops and rocky outcrops for periods from the Sci-Fi mists of time and LoTR via Ancient Greece, Medieval Europe and ACW America to futuristic jungles.

The company specialises in hand-built scenery and terrain for wargamers, modellers and collectors; and basically Paul is saying, “Tell me what you want and I will make it for you.” He has over 30 years of experience making models and has won awards for his work in competitions at local and national wargames shows.Paul tells us that all his models are made from or based on non-warping materials and all models are finished with multiple layers of matt varnish to shrug of the rigours of regular use.

The barn he sent and the hedgerow are well made and painted to a very high standard with a craftsman-like quality; the additional detail such as buckets, barrels and coil of rope on a hook are truly astonishing – it’s a real model not just a wargame barn. He can produce separate elements such as Celtic buildings and stone walls, or mount them into small settlements with boundaries and crop patches, and in any scale you like from 1/300th upwards.

He aims to produce the most detailed and realistic models as possible without compromising on playability, for example, his hedgerows include a variety of species and are not all one height, and most buildings come with detachable roofs so you can put figures inside.

I though his stuff was excellent, The Prancing Pony Inn is a tour de force, and any wargamer wishing to raise the quality of his or her wargaming terrain should send for a catalogue.

As Paul works to order, even finishing off dust-covered failed projects, there is no fixed price list but his example prices are competitive, about £24 for the barn and £12 for the hedgerow but talk to the guy and deal. The service is worth investigating.

Review originally published in Miniature Wargames magazine, No. 303, July 2008