On this page you will find reviews of my work in various publications. I will add to this list as soon as each product is reviewed:

Wargames Illustrated - 29/01/2009

Paul McDonagh confesses that his thirty years of architectural and scenic model making has been a process of “trial and error!” but, judging by the items we received for review this month, it would appear that this process has led him to the peak in his skills that put him up amongst the top flight of model builders in our hobby.

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Chris Scott, Miniature Wargames Magazine - 1/07/2008

There is hardly ever an excuse or not playing on good terrain; like model railways, it is an essential part of our hobby. Some of us though are just not good at creating it, so Paul McDonagh has set up a business to help us out.

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Ebay Feedback - 18/04/2008

Wonderful buildings. Exceeded expectations. Very pleased with this transaction

Ebay Feedback - 21/03/2007

Yet again a first class product, speed service, well packaged

Ebay Feedback - 27/01/2007

Fantastic item! Expertly made and packaged. V quick delivery. Top Seller!

Ebay Feedback - 26/12/2006

Superb and Unique product. A genuine pleasure to deal with. Will buy again 🙂

Ebay Feedback - 26/12/2006

A beautiful model. Lovely detail and very carefully packed too. Outstanding Seller.