suitable for 28mm figures - apx 1/56 scale
Fifteen pieces - A total of 36" (90cm) in length
Lead Time:
Dispatch within one week
Unpainted resin = £25 Fully painted & Flocked = £50

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These are designed for multi-period use, anywhere from around 1600 to 1900.

This is a very flexible set, allowing you to make infantry linear defences with overlapping arcs of fire and other defensive positions including Ravelins and Fletches.

The log ‘end stop’ pieces allow you to adjust the length of defences to suit, these can also be used as ‘gateway sides’ as entrance points through the breastworks.

The set has been designed to be fully  compatible with Breastworks Set 1 – combining the two sets together will allow almost any shape of defensive position. This includes single and double headed Ravelins, Salient points, and zig-zag defensive lines.

This is a sixteen piece set, cast in resin and contains the following:

2 x 3″ straight sections (each different)

4 x 4″ 45 degree angle sections (two different types)

2 X 3″ reverse 45 degree angle sections (each different)

4 x 2″ end sloped (L+R) pieces

4 x      log end stop (2x L+R) pieces 

That’s a total length of 36″ (90cm)

Available in unpainted resin or fully painted & flocked.

The painted & flocked version of this Model is also stocked by Warlord Games.