Suitable for 15/18mm figures - apx 1/100 scale
Apx 4" (10cm) wide
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Dispatch within one week
Unpainted Resin = £2.50 Fully painted model = £5

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Suitable for 15/18mm figures – apx 1/100 scale and fully cast in resin, you get two distinct artillery positions (both apx 2″ or 50mm long) and a left and right sided end stop in the pack.

These can be used individually or together to represent a one or two gun artillery battery and are compatible with my Breastwork Sets. So you they can be used as stand alone pieces or connected to sections of the Breastwork Sets.

Suitable from around 1600 – 1900 and can be used for the FIW, ECW, TYW, AWI, ACW, Napoleonic or Crimean wars – and probably a few others.

Available in raw resin or fully painted (as shown in the pictures).