Suitable for 6mm to 28mm figures
Various sizes
Lead Time:
Dispatch within one week
Unpainted resin = £6 per set. Fully painted = £12 per set.

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Can be used from the end of the 19th century to modern battlefields and future wars.

Could be used in many different ways: As scatter terrain, order dice holders or suppression/pin markers.

For sci-fi uses include lava pools, sacrificial pits, cratered moon or planet surfaces etc.

Each pack comes with the following:

8 x small craters (all different variants) – overall diameter apx 50mm – internal crater diameter apx 20mm

These have been designed to be non specific in scale and are suitable for 6mm – 28mm figures. Possibly even smaller than 6mm figures. After all, in smaller scales they just become larger craters!