Suitable for 28mm figures - apx 1/56 scale
Floor plan: 132mm x 90mm plus the stairway at 80mm x 32mm. Height is 73mm at the tallest point
Lead Time:
Dispatch within one week
Unpainted resin set = £45 Fully painted = £90

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A typical style of large single storey house, with stairs to the ruined flat roof. These models are suitable for around 1850 to the present day. Could also be used for other areas of Asia including Afghanistan and India.

Cast in resin with hardwood beams.

Each set contains one each of both variants along with eight sections of rubble – the rubble pieces are a random selection from sixteen different versions.

Supplied in raw resin or fully painted as shown. The painted versions also have the underside of the base covered in felt.

This model set is also available from Warlord Games.