Suitable for 15/18mm figures. Apx 1/100 scale
Apx 38" (96cm) in length
Lead Time:
Dispatch within one week
Unpainted resin = £16 Fully painted set = £32

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These have been designed for multi-period use, anywhere from around 1600 to 1890.

This is a nineteen piece set, cast in resin and contains the following:

3 x 4″ straight sections (each slightly different)

1 x 4″ straight damaged section

3 x 2″ straight sections (each slightly different)

2 x 2″ L sections (each slightly different)

2 x 2″ reversed L sections (each slightly different)

2 x 2″ 45 degree sections (each slightly different)

2 x 2″ sloping end pieces (left and right sided)

4 x log end stops (2 x left and 2 x right sided)

That’s a total of 38″ (96cm) in length.

This is a very flexible set allowing you to make linear defenses, redoubts or fletches. These are fully compatible with my Ravelin, Lunette and Courtine models.

Combining the set in various ways will allow almost any shape of defensive position. This includes single and double headed Ravelins, Salient points, zig-zag defensive lines.

For period flavour you could add fascines or tree trunks to the top of the breastworks.

Available in raw resin or fully painted as shown in the pictures.


These models are designed for 15/18mm apx 1/100 scale