Suitable for 15/18mm figures apx 1/100 scale
Apx 6.5" (16cm) wide
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Dispatch within one week
Unpainted Resin = £4 Fully painted model = £8

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Literally ‘little moon’ – In military terms a half moon shaped defensive position. Very common and quick to construct. Could also be lined with Gabions and protected further with Storm Poles projecting from the front.

Suitable from around 1600 – 1900 and can be used for the FIW, ECW, TYW, AWI, ACW, Napoleonic or Crimean wars – and probably a few others.

Cast in solid resin and available unpainted or painted as shown in the photos.

Completely compatible with the other models in this range, allowing most defensive positions to be recreated.


This is a 15mm apx 1/100 scale model.