All scales from 15mm to 40mm available
Available in straight, curved, T and L shaped lengths
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Priced at linear inch: 15mm@£1.10 20mm@£1.65 28mm@£2.20 40mm@£2.50

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As seen throughout North America where iron was scarce for the manufacture of nails.

This type of fence was constructed by piling up stones and rocks to make the boundary with logs/posts hammered into the ground to create an X shape. Rails where then placed on top of the rocks and on the angles.

We construct these for 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 40mm figures.

These are built in any length but our recommendation would be for  shorter sections to help prevent warping of the baseboard.

The base width depends on the scale of the figures:

For 15mm (1/100) figures the base width is 20mm

For 20mm (1/72) figures the base width is 25mm

For 28mm (1/56) and 40mm figures the base width is 30mm

We charge by the linear inch only so for example an eight inch long section for 28mm figures would be £17.60

Only hardwoods are used in construction (walnut and mahogany) – no balsa! – so are very strong and durable.

Supplied fully painted, detailed, weathered on landscaped base.