suitable for 28mm or 1/56 scale figures
Apx 12" (30cm) long section. Apex to Apex 10" (25cm) long
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Unpainted resin --- £10 Fully painted & Flocked --- £20

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Literally ‘little moon’ – In military terms a half moon shaped defensive position.

Cast in resin.

Suitable from around 1600 – 1900 and can be used for the FIW, ECW, TYW, AWI, ACW, Napoleonic or Crimean wars – and probably a few others!

Section measures 12″ or 30cm long and is 10″ or 25cm from apex to apex. Can fit at least a 12 figure frontage (on a 2cmx2cm base size).

Completely compatible with my breastwork sets.